Fields of View Exhibition

Walker Street Gallery


(At this third exhibition in our tour, three of the artists were unable to attend. Werner had ‘Shingles’ and Peter a dreadful cold, but on a happier note, Leonie was overseas visiting Rome!)  

The opening night at Walker Street Gallery.


Jim Brown our Guest Speaker with Kerrie Warren.


Chris Myers in front of Werner's - 'Regeneration Circular Box' and Ursula's 'Fire Angels'.


Kerrie with friends.


The opening speeches by Greg Hordacre, Director of Cultural Facilities, City of Greater Dandenong and Jaqueline Schultze, Visual Arts Coordinator.


Jim Brown - Bush Poet, opened the evening by reciting his wonderfully moving poem based on Fires and the Australian Bush.


Kerrie thanking everyone for their help and support.


Gary Miles in front of Werner's 'Green Thing #2 Boxes'


Some Guests with Greg Hordacre.


Wayne Milne in front of Ursula's 'Metamorphosis'.


Leonie Ryan's DVD 'Bush Fires' being projected.


Kerrie, Jacqueline Schultze and Ursula at the end of the exhibition. Sadly, this was Jacqueline’s last exhibition at Dandenong as she is moving up to Canberra!