Ursula Theinert

Ursula is concerned by the challenging environmental issues which confront and threaten our global future and she believes in the importance of art to stimulate and encourage discussion of these complex and emotive choices.

Her work explores the relationship that humankind has with the environment.  She focuses on the profound spiritual connection we have with nature and the duality of our behaviour to the world.  She draws inspiration from the Australian bush around her home, amid remote farms, plantations and quarries.

The strength of these influences has become even more intense after Ursula and her husband faced and survived the Black Saturday fires.  Her ‘Fire Series’ focuses on the pervading spiritualism that she poignantly experienced during Black Saturday while defending her home. 

Transcending known realities to the unknown and otherworldly spiritual presences, her work looks at our interaction with the environment and the perception of ownership, fragility and destiny.  Her paintings incorporate text to assist the viewer in connecting with the emotional and intellectual premise of the artist’s expressions of the profound spiritual bond we have to nature and a need to understand the outcomes of the unbalanced pressures placed on the natural environment.  

Ursula’s work has always represented the land as 'Mother Earth', a living entity, to create empathy, and help the viewer reflect on the 'hidden' and  'surface',  aspects of our perceptions about what we see, understand and experience around us.  She has focussed on 'Erosion', 'Forest Management' and now 'Black Saturday'.  Ursula fears that the Black Saturday bush fires are one of the consequences of global warming and feels an urgency to address these imbalances, so that humankind and nature can travel on their shared journey into a less ominous future.



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