Leonie Ryan

Leonie is an installation artist which means she utilizes whatever medium most appropriate for the design and concept for her installations. Most of Leonie’s concepts relate to the natural environment with themes exploring metaphysical, philosophical and universal connection. For ‘Fields of View’ installation Organic Mechanism 102 she has made several large cubistic blocks from recycled polyurethane and covered them with contoured and patterned wall paper. The surface is finished with terracotta coloured paint. The large cubes represent geometric shape and form, much like a cityscape referencing man’s influence of construction within the environment. Juxtaposing the large cubes is the surface texture, contours and earthly colour. 

Five abstract stainless steel mirror finished sculptures represent the natural environment in the form of symbols; Man in a key- earths guardian; Frog- the waterways; Triple energy spiral- universal connection; Mother Nature- spirit and energy of the natural environment; and Tree- the lungs of our planet.

Housed inside the centre of the cubistic installation is a video, reviewing the 2009 bush fires which generates a foreboding and eerie sensation.

The environment surrounds and encompasses everyone. Leonie feels her life is affected by the environment she exists in; everyone’s life is affected by the environment. Leonie feels her life and her art practice are a product of the environment, whether natural or synthetic or simultaneously both together.

The sort of message Leonie would like to communicate in her work is ‘connection’. The title Organic Mechanism 102 refers to the natural organics’ of earth and mechanism is the role humans engage within the environment. I’m not making negative or positive comment; I’m only providing what I believe is part of universal connection. The 102 refers to the cubistic shape of the installation based from the year Pablo Picasso presented the art movement Cubism in 1907 to the amount of years from when Leonie made Organic Mechanism 102 in 2009. Each of the five sculptures surface reflects the surrounding environment including the viewer’s image; ideally sending a message of inclusion. The large cubes express mans interaction within the environment. The video Bush fires, 2009 indicates the strength and foreboding force of nature and humans relationship within the environment.     

The purpose of a travelling exhibition to regional galleries is to reveal individual stories through the visual language creating a connection between place, time and people, throughout far reaching regions of Victoria and quite possibly beyond.



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