Peter Biram

Peter is an environmental expressionist who draws his inspiration from the Australian bush and expresses this love in bright and fresh applications of colour. He prefers to paint with his hands and fingers, to feel the tactile quality of the painting process.

Peter is exploring ideas of order and chaos and is paying special attention in this theme highlighted in the form of the devastating Victorian bushfires of Black Saturday. Peter also investigates 'land ownership' and 'usage' within an environmental framework. This relationship includes tradional and non-traditional interactions with the land, in particular the boundary that exists between two cultures.

He often uses the visual element of a fence to represent two viewpoints; one "we are the land and belong to the land", the other "we own the land". Within this theme Peter explores the fine balance that exists in the natural environment.

Peter's work examines how humankind interacts with the environment, the order and chaos that exists within the natural world. His paintings often depict the conflict and interrelationship between the man-made and the natural, conceptually exploring the way in which the current water crisis, salinity, deforestation and global warming all effect the delicate balance. He believes that increased and more intense fires are a direct consequence of global warming with the devastating Black Saturday fires being a traumatic outcome.

With all the many environmental challenges Peter tries to remain optimistic about our impact on the world, saying, "We can still use the land without using it up!"



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