Kerrie Warren

Kerrie's aim as an Abstract Expressionist is to bypass self-censoring thought and allow other doors to open. This is the concept and driving energy behind her work. In 'Fields of View' Kerrie demonstrates how the fire's heat and force affected her sense of fragility and existence.

Kerrie is strongly influenced and moved by the environment. 'Fields of View' is an opportunity for her to visually communicate and connect with others on a molecular scale, revealing layers deeper than the surface and influenced by the suggestion.

The formless essence and sensation is intriguing for Kerrie and compels her to create. Kerrie's art is a culmination of gestural movement, gravity and paint being captured on canvas and offered as a form of communication to others.

Kerrie's focus is intense when selecting colour to build a composition. Her relationship between spontaneity and structure is very important for a fine balance, climax and resonance, where the painting takes on a life of it's own and releases her from the process.

Kerrie says "At times I feel completely overwhelmed by environmental issues and being human. The studio is my solace. Painting relieves the pressure and allows me to cope emotionally, inspiring self purpose."

Kerrie is led in a large way by her emotional reactions to the world surrounding her. She says, "My reference points are internal, my influences are environmental and I work instinctively to explore how I feel. I invite the audience to do the same."



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