Werner Theinert

Werner's environmental photography for 'Fields of View' includes the aftermath of Fire and the change that the conflagration created on the natural and man made environment. His images are based on his own home and surroundings after having fought for his world and captured the transformation of a new reality in the smokey light of the morning after.

Werner also examines the grave issues we face surrounding global warming, water shortages, food production, world over-population, diversification of crops and the crisis of looming Peak Oil.

He feels that art can be used as an effective medium to convey the emotional messages and frightening environmental predictions that Professor Garnault, Al Gore, Tim Flannery, Richard Heinberg and others are presenting.

Werner explores the medium of digital photography as a palette for the creation of intellectual compositions. His process involves connecting digital images in an 'Escher' like manner, thus grabbing attention with visual vibrancy, the way in which the images shimmer and resonate.

Werner's Fire Series looks at the devastation of his home and surrounds on Black Saturday. His prints are based on distorted metal from his destroyed workshop, study and garage. The multiple cubes refer to the many homes that suffered the same fate, 'the containers' of lives and the interconnections between us all.

Werner hopes that 'Fields of View' will stimulate people into choosing to do something to lighten the burden on our environment, saying "I believe we don't have the time to procrastinate over these issues." Without action, he fears that Richard Heinberg's predictions may be realised.



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