Inaugural Opening

Fields of View at Maffra

(Sale Regional Gallery)


Listen to the ABC Local Radio Interviews from the opening


Maffra Art Space



The Five Artists in the Group



One of Kerrie's Walls



Kerrie's 'Caught! Fire Bugs under Glass'



Kerrie's 'Fire Bugs 1 & 2'



Ursula's 'Fire Angels'



Werner's 'Mower Metal Burnt' left.



Werner's images with Erwin Bauer.



Peter Biram's Wall.



Ceramic forms by Peter Biram & Chris Myers.



Leonie Ryans installation.



Leonie's 'Organic Mechanism 102'



Celine Foenander from ABC Radio Gippsland - Guest Speaker



Celine interviewing Ursula.


Celine Opening the Exhibition with Anton Vardy - Director - Sale Art Gallery.


Guests listening to the opening speech.



Guests at the opening.



Celine & Anton relaxing after the formalities.



A wonderful start to the touring exhibition.

Ursula Theinert -

Leonie Ryan -

Peter Biram -

Kerrie Warren -

Werner Theinert -

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