Artists with Ted Ballieu MLA and Gary Blackwood MLA. 

Peter Biram, Leonie Ryan, Ted Ballieu MLA, Kerrie Warren, Werner Theinert, Ursula Theinert and Gary Blackwood MLA after the Launch of Environmental Expressionism.

Artists make an offical presentation in Queen’s Hall, Parliament House on Friday 5th of February 2010. Ted Ballieu MLA, Shadow Minister of the Arts officially launched the new art movement ‘Environmental Expressionism’.


Peter Biram, Kerrie Warren, Leonie Ryan, Werner and Ursula Theinert have embraced the concept of ‘environmental expressionism’,sharing their individual visions and philosophies, in their touring exhibition, ‘Fields of View’. Peter Biram had the original concept of Environmental Expressionism in 2003, and then Kerrie Warren, Leonie Ryan, Werner and Ursula Theinert all came together to formalize the belief in this new art movement in 2008. 

Peter Biram giving his presentation of ‘Environmental Expressionism’, which he founded in 2003. 

Environmental Expressionism was formed to bring together like minded artists who feel strongly about the environment and who feel a need to focus their art into creating a greater awareness of the challenges of the current and future environmental concerns in order to stimulate discussion and deeper understanding of these complex issues. The formalization of this new art movement required a detailed manifesto of beliefs and aims to help clarify the basis of the movement and to convey the strength of feeling that the mediums in the arts were needed to create and facilitate environmental awareness in the community.



“The Environmental Expressionism Movement utilizes the arts to convey or express the conceptual content of the environment or in particular, relevant issues concerning the environment, paying particularly emphasis regarding the natural world”.

“The basis for the movement is to provide, create and therefore enhance a greater understanding and awareness of the environment through the arts.”


Peter Biram presenting Ted Ballieu with a Ceramic Vessel created by Chris Myers and himself as a thankyou for officially Launching ‘Environmental Expressionism’.


Co-ordinating artist Leonie Ryan gave a presentation on ‘Fields of View’, a touring exhibition influenced by the Black Saturday Fires in 2009, before giving a more personal presentation about her own art installation and sculptures that are currently on tour.



Werner Theinert giving his presentation.

All the artists gave their own personal presentations touching on their experiences relating to Black Saturday as well as descriptions of their work and their art processes.



Russell Broadbent MP, Federal Member for McMillan, also spoke on the night, along with Mr. Gary Blackwood MP, Member for Narracan, who has been a kind supporter of the artists and the MC for the evening.



The artists have also been supported by sponsor, GippsTafe, represented by Jim Vivien, David Bruce and Head of the Art Design and Media Department, Mr. Gary Dunbier. 

‘Fields of View’ artists with David Bruce, Gary Dunbier and Jim Vivien representing the sponsor ‘GippsTafe’.




Sponsor International Power/Mitsui Loy Yang B, were represented by Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Megan Harper.


Kerrie Warren with Meagan and Anthony Harper, representing sponsor ‘International Power/Mitsui/Loy Yang B’.



Matthew Cairns filming the night. 

Werner and Ursula met Matthew when he worked on a documentary ‘Touched by Fire’, which are personal stories from people affected by the Black Saturday fires.  Artist Steve Gray, also generously gave his time photographing the night for us (these are his images).  All the artists are grateful to both Matthew and Steve for their generous support.




Peter Biram holding the wonderful memorial sculpture made by his father, John Biram, for Werner and Ursula, after Black Saturday.

John Biram has very kindly made a memorial sculpture for all the fire affected communities in Gippsland.  He bases his sculptures on the gathered molten aluminium ‘tears’ that flowed out of the destroyed buildings after that horrific day and night.



The tables and the guests in Queen’s Hall, Parliament House.

The night was a great success with 60 VIP guests being treated with gift bags and goodies, including a young tree to take home and plant, carefully wrapped in the ‘Environmental Expressionism’ manifesto to inspire ‘growth’ of the concept and ongoing life to the new arts movement.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone involved for their kindness and support in sharing this exciting night with us.


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Werner Theinert

Fields of View Opening Maffra

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