Exhibition Statement


'Fields of View' is an evocative, dynamic, mixed medium installation, exploring the Victorian bushfires of Black Saturday, through environmental expressionism. Five artists personally affected by the fires explore the complex issues - confusion, perception, guilt, time placement, varying degrees of location and their relationship with the fires.

Ursula Theinert focuses on the pervading spiritualism that she poignantly experienced during Black Saturday, while defending her home and the transcending known realities to the unknown and otherworldly spiritual presences surrounding her during that traumatic event.

Leonie Ryan's installation relates to metaphysical, philosophical and universal connections reinforcing global connection and the effects of the Victorian bushfiires on a global scale.

Peter Biram is exploring ideas of order and chaos highlighted in the form of the devastating Victorian bushfires; his current work is paying special attention to this theme.

Kerrie Warren demonstrates how the fire's heat and force affected her sense of fragility and existence.

Werner Theinert centres his attention on the aftermath of the fire, the change, the conflagration created on the natural world, his surroundings, man-made environments, and his personal fight for his world and the transformation of a new reality.

Five artists explore various views of the bush fires and the environment through video installation, mixed medium, sculptures, paintings and photography. The 'Fields of View' exhibition envelops the balance of the natural world, sustainability and conservation through environmental expressionism.


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